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Become a Certified Haven Master Coach, equipped with the skills, tools, team, and community needed to launch your high-impact holistic coaching business.

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The journey to becoming a successful online Holistic Master Coach can often come with its fair share of hurdles...

We understand these problems, and more importantly, the emotions tied to them:

Lack of Direction: Embarking on a new venture can be daunting. Not knowing where to start, what tools to use, or how to create an effective business plan can make you feel lost and overwhelmed.

Lack of Confidence: It's normal to question your abilities when taking on a new career, especially one as impactful as holistic coaching. Self-doubt and feelings of imposter syndrome can creep in, hindering your progress.

Financial Anxiety: The uncertainty of a steady income when starting your own online business can be stressful. The worry about not earning enough or fear of financial instability can be overwhelming.

Lack of Technical Skills: With the online nature of the business, you may feel challenged by the technological aspect. It can be frustrating not knowing how to effectively use social media, online marketing strategies, or other digital tools.

Struggle to Balance Work and Personal Life: Transitioning from a traditional job to running your own business can blur the lines between work and home. The stress of trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance can be emotionally draining.

Isolation: Starting a business often means working alone, which can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Fear of Failure: The risk of starting your own online business can be frightening. The fear of failure or rejection can be paralyzing and may hold you back from achieving your full potential.

We're here to guide you through these obstacles, transforming these challenges into stepping stones towards your dream of becoming a successful Holistic Master Coach.

But you don't have to struggle alone...

We’ll provide the coaching methodology, platform, and resources you need to build your high-impact holistic coaching business.

Haven System

The Haven Natural Design Coaching System is the framework that separates you as a high level coach and allows you to work with high performers.

Haven Platform

The Haven Accelerate Platform automates your day-to-day, enabling you to show up professionally and efficiently with our DFY business build.

Haven Incubator

With the Haven Incubator you'll craft your perfect messaging and our marketing team will bring you leads so you can focus on being a great coach.

We’ll help you learn and embody our coaching system in 3 months...

Begin coaching our clients within 6 months...

And grow your own business within 12 months…

  • Coaching Fundamentals: Gain real-life experience while learning the foundations of coaching.

  • Pod Coaching: Small-group accountability for increased performance.

  • Core Leadership: World-renowned interactive virtual group experience for breaking through your own personal barriers and embodying your inner Master Coach.

  • Non-Profit Impact: A portion of proceeds goes to the non-profit Haven for Humanity to aid in their mission to build a global network of self-sustainable holistic education centers.

  • Holistic Framework: Expand your self-awareness for improved focus, energy, emotional stability, relationships, and productivity (Get hours back in your day using your body’s own instruction manual).

  • Club Haven: Online membership site for building community and getting answers fast

  • Accelerate Business Platform: Everything you need to run a successful online coaching practice now entirely done-for-you for by our expert team.

  • Biofeedback Device: Wearable for automatic tracking of calories, hydration, heartrate, sleep, and more.

We've journeyed down the same path you're on.

We began with a dream – a vision to guide others towards a better life, while also carving out a fulfilling existence for ourselves.

Much like you, we grappled with an education system that fell short in teaching us the skills needed to turn our ambitions into a successful online venture.

We know what it's like to balance on the tightrope of work, personal commitments, and the steep learning curve of becoming a coach, all at the same time.

The challenges you're encountering now are the very same ones we've wrestled with and overcome. This shared experience makes us more than your coaches - we're your allies, your partners on this voyage towards transformation.

We were about to give up, but then...

...we had a game-changing realization.

We came to a realization that our setbacks and hardships weren't merely stumbling blocks, but stepping stones to greater understanding and achievement. Each roadblock we overcame, each challenge we faced head-on, taught us valuable lessons about resilience, tenacity, and innovation.

Moreover, we understood that these struggles were not unique to us. Many, like you, are grappling with the same difficulties. So, we saw an opportunity: our struggles could act as a guiding light for others, a blueprint to navigate the complexities of building a successful holistic coaching business.

Armed with this new understanding, we were motivated to do more than just get past our problems. We decided to use what we learned to help others on a similar journey. We took our lessons, mixed them with our passion, and started creating something bigger and better.

So we built a system, a platform, and an incubator. Our goal? To help you avoid the mistakes we made, speed up your progress, and assist you in building your high-impact holistic coaching business too...

So We Built A System, Platform, and Incubator To Help You Build Your High-impact Holistic Coaching Business Too…



We helped Donna connect with her intuition and body signals using the methods and tools in the NDCS, identifying key areas of stress and teaching her how to increase her stress tolerance with ease so she could open her second studio location.


Family Coach

We helped Jessica identify her perfect niche, significantly raise her prices by packaging her offers, and create a social media content system and ad campaign that builds her authority and brings her new clients on demand.


Wellness Coach

We moved Daniel to our platform and helped him build his coaching program. We also helped him double his email list and generate 6-figures of net new revenue.

3 Steps To Get Your High-impact

Holistic Coaching Business Launched:

1. Book a Planning Session

We’ll discuss your goals, current state, and challenges.

We’ll map out a complete plan for building and launching your coaching business or if you’ve already started, how to reach the next level of success…

2. Enroll, Learn, and Coach

We'll train and certify you in our proprietary, Natural Design Coaching system.

You'll have the opportunity to coach within our program to gain experience. We'll help you build and launch your OWN holistic coaching business.

3. Transform Your Client's Lives

With your coaching business launched, we'll send you leads and continue to help you build and grow your coaching business.

You'll be able to spend most of your time helping your clients transform their lives.

Now you have a choice...

High-impact Holistic Coaching Business

  • Empowered Growth: You'll gain the tools to grow personally and professionally, becoming an effective, heart-centered coach.

  • Balanced Living: Our program teaches you to find balance in your own life, which is crucial for your wellness and productivity.

  • Increased Performance: With our training, you'll increase your performance, providing transformational client results

  • Professional Online Presence: Our team builds out your online coaching presence for you, which can attract more clients.

  • Earning Opportunities: Our program offers multiple opportunities to earn money while you're learning

  • In-depth Training: Our 6-month training provides you with comprehensive knowledge and experience in holistic coaching.

  • Experiential Learning: Our experiential learning approach helps you understand & embody the holistic coaching principles.

  • Community Support: You'll be part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals, helping you feel understood & motivated.

  • Recognized Certification: With our certification, you gain credibility in the coaching industry.

  • Holistic Mastery: Our program enables you to master holistic practices, making you stand out in your coaching services.

Struggling Coach / No Business

  • Without these tools, you might struggle to develop in your coaching career, feeling unfulfilled or stagnant.

  • Without learning these skills, you may continue to struggle with work-life balance, which can lead to burnout.

  • Without this, you might not be able to help your clients effectively, limiting your impact and potential client base.

  • You might continue struggling with your online presence, limiting your visibility and potential income.

  • Without these opportunities, you might miss out on potential income streams and remain financially stuck.

  • Without this training, you may lack the in-depth knowledge needed to be an effective holistic coach.

  • Without experiential learning, you might find it difficult to truly understand and implement holistic principles.

  • Without this community, you might feel isolated in your journey and struggle with staying motivated.

  • Without a recognized certification, you might struggle with building trust with potential clients.

  • Without mastering holistic practices, you may miss out on a unique coaching approach that can attract a wider client base.

Remember, the choice to invest in yourself and your future is always yours. The Haven Launchpad is here to support and guide you on your journey to becoming a world-class coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Haven Launchpad coaching program cost?

The Haven Launchpad offers various packages to ensure holistic coaching is accessible to all. We believe in creating value for money, considering the wide range of services and benefits you will receive. For specific details on pricing, please visit our "Pricing Packages" section.

How do I know this program will deliver results?

We're proud of our track record. We've seen countless coaches transform their lives and those of their clients through our program. Our holistic and experiential approach ensures you don't just learn - you live the transformation.

What if I'm not technologically savvy?

Our team is here to guide you! Part of the Haven Launchpad experience is having your online presence expertly built for you. We provide all the necessary training to manage and grow your online platform confidently.

How valuable is the Haven Launchpad certification?

The Haven Launchpad certification is recognized for its quality and thoroughness. It's a testament to your commitment and knowledge, and it can significantly enhance your professional credibility and attractiveness to potential clients.

Will this program cater to my unique coaching needs and challenges?

Absolutely! While we provide a solid foundational structure, there's ample room for individual learning paths and goals. We're committed to helping you develop your unique coaching style and business.

Can I get personal interaction in this online program?

Yes, our program promotes a vibrant online community where you can interact with trainers and fellow learners. While it may not be face-to-face in the traditional sense, the connections you build will be just as strong and meaningful.

What are the dates and schedule for the program?

The Haven Launchpad is a mix of self-paced, community, and in-person events. Please see this page for the scheduled events.

I have a busy schedule. Can I still take part in the program?

Yes, you can! We understand that as aspiring coaches and healers, you're balancing many priorities. The Haven Launchpad is designed to accommodate this, with flexible learning options that you can mold around your schedule.

What if I don't identify as a "heart-centered" or "impact-driven" coach?

No worries at all! While our coaching program is designed with a heart-centered, impact-driven focus, the principles and techniques we teach are universally applicable to various coaching styles. You'll learn ways to find and enhance your unique coaching identity.

Can I really earn while learning?

Absolutely! Haven Launchpad presents multiple opportunities for you to earn while you learn. It's part of our mission to make this program an investment, not an expense.

Will the program be too basic or too complex for me?

Our program is designed to challenge and inspire both novices and seasoned professionals. We ensure that our material is accessible while still pushing your boundaries for growth.

Is this a practical or theoretical program?

Our program is an immersive and experiential journey, allowing you to live and breathe holistic coaching. We believe in balancing theory with hands-on learning for the most effective skill development.

How do you protect my personal and financial information?

We take your privacy seriously. We use state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to ensure that your personal and financial information is kept safe and secure. We abide by strict privacy policies that safeguard your data.

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