For coaches, healers, and changemakers...

Reduce stress and restore balance to your life so you can serve from a place of abundance without burning out

Join us for the first-ever cohort of Core Potential and get access to ground breaking strategies to reduce stress, achieve whole-life balance, and eliminate burnout for good

You are meant to make a difference in the world, one beautiful connection at a time

Serving people absolutely lights you up.

It’s what keeps you going when things are hard.

It’s what makes the work you do worth it, ten times over.

Whether you’re…

A dedicated coach who thrives on seeing your clients smash through their goals

A healer who deeply believes in the power of intention, awareness, and holistic wellness

A new entrepreneur who wants to go from serving a few clients to helping hundreds or even thousands of people

…the impact you create is your driving force and a source of boundless energy and inspiration.

In other words, your purpose is clear:

You’re called to have a deep, meaningful impact on the people around you.

But between juggling your business, your passion, and your personal life, lately, you’ve been feeling… stressed

The constant hustle of marketing your business, serving your people, and trying to attract perfect-fit clients, has you so busy that you’ve been making some sacrifices.

  • Working late into the evening means too many hours spent in front of the laptop screen and not enough time wandering outside in nature

  • The early morning grind has you cutting your morning routine short… or ditching it altogether

  • And sometimes you’re so caught up working that you skip lunch (or dinner) and open Google Docs instead

Most days it feels like the only way you could tick off all the boxes on your to-do list is if there were more hours in the day.

And, yes, like the seeker and forever student that you are, you’ve taken all the courses, read all the books, and joined all the live trainings.

But whenever you feel like you’ve finally cracked the code to managing your business without sacrificing your self-care…

Your plate gets full again, your business demands more of you, and you end up back where you started:

Overwhelmed, on the verge of burnout, and wondering if you’ll ever be able to find a sustainable balance between work and your personal life.

Sooner or later, what started out as making small sacrifices here and there ends up turning into weeks or months of not showing up for yourself in the ways you know you deserve.

You find yourself thinking…

“How can I guide my clients to life-changing outcomes when I’m feeling so stressed myself?”

“Am I worthy of teaching others how to live their truest lives if I’m always burnt out?”

“Am I meant to do this if my business feels overwhelming and confusing?”

If you’re experiencing thoughts like these and you’re struggling to live out your vision in a way that’s sustainable…

Here are two things you should know:

First, you are not alone.

Feelings of self-doubt and imposter syndrome are incredibly common among those of us who strive to make a difference in the world.

We tend to hold ourselves to extremely high standards since we want to set a good example, but those high standards can lead to rigid thinking, reinforced unhealthy habits, and always feeling like we’re falling short.

Your heart is in the right place, and it’s common to end up sacrificing your own well-being when you’re so invested in helping others.

Second—and this one is key—most of the popular advice out there has you focusing on the wrong things.

You were probably taught that in order to widen your impact you have to become a master at business strategies first.

You have to become an expert marketer, an expert salesperson, an expert creator… and wear all the hats, all the time to grow your business.

But here’s the thing no one’s telling you:

Mastering business fundamentals and even serving your clients is not the first step to realizing your big vision.

I know that sounds counterintuitive… (after all, your goal is to grow your business and help hundreds or even thousands of people)…

But before you can change the world, you get to change yourself.

And that starts by turning your attention inward and restoring balance to your inner ecosystem so you can operate at peak performance without sacrificing your own happiness or well-being.

Think of it like this:

Growing your business without tending to your inner well-being is like playing an instrument without tuning it first.

Sure, sound will come out of the instrument.

But if it’s not tuned properly… the song sounds off.

When you take the time to tune the instrument properly, to make sure its strings and notes are aligned, and then play?

The song is effortless. It’s beautiful. It has the power to move people.

It’s the same when it comes to your coaching business.

You are the instrument. 

And without careful attunement to your inner well-being, your days will feel full of friction instead of flexibility and ease.

When you pay close attention to your inner harmony, the ripple effect flows from you to everything else. 

That’s when the song of your life is at its clearest pitch. 

That’s when you tap into your core potential.

And that’s when you are an efficient catalyst to change.

Your business feels effortless, your clients resonate more deeply with your advice, your relationships flourish…

And that’s because you can make your biggest impact when your holistic being is free of stress and properly balanced.

But here's the thing.

Most coaches, healers, and changemakers go about reducing stress in their lives and tending to their inner well-being inefficiently.

They focus on one or two narrow solutions and hope those will change everything, like eating clean or meditating before bed.

And while those things are certainly good habits, and make a difference in the long run, they don't really address the underlying cause of stress and dis-ease in your life.

And they don’t get to the root of why your business growth feels stalled, your days feel unmanageable, and you’re experiencing friction and resistance in your work and personal life.

Now, lean in close. 

This next bit is going to change everything for you.

The only way to deactivate stress and eliminate burnout for good is to:

Balance the 7 Dynamics of Self

Every human experience (yes, even yours!) is made up of 7 ever-changing areas. 

Each area experiences peace and stress in its own unique way, while still being deeply interconnected with the human experience as a whole.








Just like an ecosystem, when one area of the self is triggered, inflamed, or undernourished, it throws the whole system out of alignment and into an unbalanced state.

Which leads to recurring symptoms of stress, like resistance, unease, negative self-talk, and eventually, dis-ease.

On the other hand, when the 7 dynamics of self are balanced, you experience unbounded health, growth, and harmony.

Which leads to recurring symptoms of stress, like resistance, unease, negative self-talk, and eventually, dis-ease.

On the other hand, when the 7 dynamics of self are balanced, you experience unbounded health, growth, and harmony.

Symptoms Of Unbalanced Self

Frequent Discomfort

Daily Resistance

Feelings of Unease

Lack of Connection with Others

Disorganization and Mental Fog



Signs Of Balanced Self

  • Maintain Peak Performance without Burnout

  • Sharp Mental Clarity

  • Attuned to Your Body’s Cues

  • Manage Energy Effectively

  • Experience Work-Life Harmony

  • Experiences Mental and Emotional Resilience

  • Respond to Situations Effectively and Efficiently

  • Enhanced Client Results

  • Focused on a Symbiotic Relationship with Others

What does this mean for you as a coach or healer?

When each of the 7 dynamics of self are balanced, you’re in the most powerful position to have a deep impact on those around you without experiencing burnout or overwhelm.

In other words, your potential impact grows by quantum leaps and bounds.

And once you discover how to read and rebalance your stress levels in each of the 7 areas of the self, you’ll never again feel off course when it comes to bringing your vision to life.

Your business will flourish, you’ll be able to show up fully for your clients, and you’ll experience deep, sustainable inner freedom and peace—all while operating at peak performance.

At Haven Holistics, we have a saying that goes like this:

“Heal yourself, heal the world.”

Are you ready to deepen your impact?

The ripple effect starts with you.


Core Potential

Find balance in all aspects of your life and tap into deep compassion and sustainable high performance

Get access to groundbreaking strategies to invite more ease, peace, and sustainable wellness into your personal and professional life

By the end of the program, you’ll be able to harness your compassion for others while prioritizing your own self-care

Inside Core Potential, you’ll discover the transformative process that will change your approach to daily life and business growth

Walk away with:

  • Sustainable Work-Life Harmony

    Find holistic balance and love what you do every day so you can maintain high performance without burning out or sacrificing your wellness.

  • High-Performance Habits

    The program will instill high-performance habits that align with a holistic lifestyle, supporting both mental clarity and physical stamina so you can show up as your best self.

  • Stress Management Techniques for Coaches

    Master your stress management techniques that are essential for sustaining high performance in a demanding industry.

  • Energetic Sustainability

    Learn to manage and preserve your energy effectively, which is essential for maintaining high-performance over the long term.

  • Easy to Implement Holistic Health Strategies

    Integrate holistic health practices into your personal life and coaching strategies to maintain peak performance without compromising your own well-being.

  • Performance-Driven Mindset Shifts

    Shift your mindset towards a performance-driven mindset that incorporates self-care as a critical component of professional success.

  • Peak Performance Strategies

    Receive coaching on advanced strategies to enhance your cognitive and physical performance, allowing you to excel in your coaching or healing business.

  • Increased Resilience

    Learn to build resilience that helps you bounce back from setbacks and maintain high performance under pressure.

  • Optimized Nutrition and Fitness Routines

    Receive tailored advice on nutrition and fitness specific to your needs as a high-performing professional in the holistic field.

  • Enhanced Client Results

    Optimize your own health and performance, so you’re better equipped to guide your clients to similar high-performance results.

  • Productivity Without Burnout

    Embrace productivity techniques that leverage periods of rest and recovery. This is your key to sustaining high-performance without burnout.

  • Leadership Skills in Health and Performance

    Develop leadership skills that not only focus on business growth but also advocate for healthy, high-performing lifestyles within your communities.

Living your dream isn’t about constantly working harder.

It’s about balancing the stress in your life so you can enjoy your client work, expand your capacity, and serve more people with ease and grace. 

That’s when your work becomes efficient, effective, and fulfilling.

Every piece of your journey inside Core Potential works together to raise your baselines, cultivate holistic well-being, and allow you to achieve whole-self balance.

You’ll discover your “stress score” by using Core Potential’s unique diagnostic system designed to pinpoint your stress levels within each area of the 7 Dynamics of Self.

Then, one by one, you’ll restore each area to optimal balance using the Haven Method, a world-class series of strategies, exercises, and approaches to unlock full freedom and radical inner harmony.

The Haven Method

Reduce Stress and Restore Balance

Physical + Mental dynamics

Step 1

Listen to Your Body’s Signals

  • Foster acute body awareness

  • Recognize and interpret your biofeedback

  • Use deep listening to promote physical health and mindfulness

Step 2

Tap into Holistic High Performance

  • Focus on the body’s self-healing

  • Emphasize natural living and toxin avoidance

  • Reduce physical stressors and gain mental clarity

  • Cultivate a strong sense of self and balanced lifestyle to support spiritual health

Physical + Environmental + Spiritual dynamics

Mental + Spiritual + Social

Step 3

Perform Deep Self Exploration

  • Clarify your purpose and identity

  • Understand your relationship styles to build and maintain deeply meaningful connections

  • Promote awareness, foster open-mindedness, and find harmony internally and within community

Step 4

Practice Self Leadership

  • Lead yourself with optimism and resilience by leveraging the strengths of positive psychology

  • Lead yourself with optimism and resilience by leveraging the strengths of positive psychology

  • Strengthen your ability to focus, and practice acceptance and expression

Mental + Unity

Environmental + Social + Unity + Physical

Step 5

Discover Responsible Stewardship

  • Promote care for one's surroundings to encompass the environment

  • Master the ability to advocate for responsible interactions with others

  • Learn to recognize the impact of a well-maintained environment on physical health

  • Tap into the collective sense of responsibility and care

Step 6

Build a Beloved Community

  • Reduce feelings of disconnection and forge strong, supportive connections

  • Be welcomed and welcome others into a safe space for expression and acceptance

  • Build a sense of belonging and shared purpose

  • Embrace a more harmonious personal and shared existence

Social + Emotional + Unity

Environmental + Social + Unity + Physical

Step 7

Rebalance Your Approach to Money with Holistic Financials

  • Learn to embrace organization and reduce material clutter

  • Minimize anxiety over financial matters

  • Foster a sense of security and trust for a more balanced and peaceful life

You’ll dive deep to rebalance from your core, so you can step into the best version of yourself

Maybe you’ve realized it already, but the societal conditioning that equates self-care with selfishness is out to keep you from living up to your potential.

You can’t shine your light for others without shining it for yourself first. With Core Potential, you can harness your drive and generosity in a way that also prioritizes self-care.

Once you shine your light inward, you’ll finally experience what it’s like to achieve a sustainable balance between your professional life and your personal well-being.

This is what it’s all about.

It’s about making a difference without feeling guilty because you’re giving to others from an empty cup.

It’s about feeling lighter and more motivated, with a clear sense of purpose, and cultivating a business where taking time for self is not only accepted but encouraged for greater service to others.

It’s about optimizing your inner harmony so you can achieve time and financial freedom in your business and serve from a place of abundance.

You can be successful without sacrificing your well-being.

You are enough.

We are here to help you shine brighter and soar higher because the world needs you.

We’re sure of it.

By the end of our time together, you’ll become…

  • An Empowered Decision Maker

  • A Prosperous Entrepreneur

  • An Intentional Action Taker

  • A Patient Observer

  • A Skilled Communicator

  • A Community Nurturer

  • Holistic Health Architect

  • A Global Citizen

  • An Empowered Advocate

  • A Lifelong Learner

  • A Planetary Guardian

  • A Holistic Visionary

And the best part?

You’ll be fully supported through every step of

your inner transformation

The most powerful self-discoveries and most life-changing revelations don’t happen in a silo. They happen in a tight-knit community.

That’s why Core Potential is designed as a deeply interactive, deeply connection-based experience.

The breakthroughs that happen regularly in this setting are remarkable.

Core Experience

And the best part?

During the Core Experience virtual events, you’ll enhance your results by implementing core concepts and practices of transformation with your cohort.

  • Core Discovery: Jan 25-28

  • Core Breakthrough: Feb 1-4

  • Core Practice: Feb 16-18, April 5-7, and May 11-12

*These events are mandatory, please plan accordingly or reach out if you have a conflict.

Core Community Playground

One-year access to your holistic support community

Along the way, you’ll have access to coaches and peers inside the Playground, so you can share, play, get feedback, and troubleshoot in real-time.

  • Library of lessons on holistic well-being—topics include everything from yoga to relationship building to time management (updated regularly)

  • Regular live experiences inside the community

  • Community discussions, polls, and giveaways

  • 1 yr access to Core Community Playground

  • Lifetime access to a private community space with your class

What people are saying:

One of the best decisions I’ve made in the last 5 years

"It has become one of the best decisions I’ve made in the last 5 years. I learned a lot about myself and others. I discovered and tapped into a new side of myself.

I always knew what I wanted in life, but I never really understood why I wanted what I wanted.

Haven Holistics has helped me get my old self back, and really love me for me. Haven Holistics has helped me gain back my voice and power; I can’t wait to share this with my students in the classroom.”


I’ve become more loving, unified, interested in others, kind and compassionate.

“I’m seeing clear results in my life from this work. I’ve become more loving, unified, interested in others, kind and compassionate.

Little parts of me have awakened and evolved in response to the inclination to clean up. You’ve inspired me to really step into myself. I’m so grateful. This process is absolutely magical."


Anything I want to create, Haven has the tools and resources to help me.

"It’s not often you run into those who give unconditionally in all aspects of life. This has been my experience with Haven. I gained a community who supports me in building life according to my truth and dreams.

I’ve been able to learn through my own experience, which is so impactful."


I’m able to stay in a positive framework without having to self-talk myself like before.

“Everything is great! I feel so, so good. I must have had a toxin overload from feeling overwhelmed for so many years and now when I approach new tasks, that feeling is gone. Because of that feeling of overwhelm I would dread certain tasks. 

Today, I just felt patience, peace and feelings of self-care the whole time, and I did some of my best work yet!”


For the first time in my life, nothing stands in the way of me giving my gifts fully!

"These trainings have transformed my life!

I have always been a dynamic individual with a powerful vision, but through these masterfully taught trainings, I have been given the chance to take my life from mediocrity to EXTRAORDINARY!!!!

The training has directly helped me experience life beyond limiting beliefs and brought my future vision in to the present in the most tangible way.

Every day I have the tools to be my most authentic, powerful and passionate self! I am blown away by the impact of the trainings, and I am forever grateful for the permanent shift they have generated! For the first time in my life, nothing stands in the way of me giving my gifts fully!”

Charlotte T.

Let’s recap!

When you join Core Potential today, you’ll get:

Core Essentials (value $7,897)

The Haven Method to achieve inner balance for peak performance

  • The Haven Method to achieve inner balance for peak performance

  • Core Resilience Course (value $997)

  • Core Performance Course (value $997)

  • Access to all future courses!

Core Experience (value: $5,000)

Virtual and live group events

  • Core Discovery experience

  • Core Breakthrough experience

  • Core Practice experience

Core Community Playground (value $25,745)

1-year access

Virtual community

  • Regular Live Experiences (value $788/mo)

  • Library of lessons of holistic well-being, updated regularly (value $997/mo)

  • Engaging community discussions, polls, and giveaways (value $147/mo)

  • Lifetime access to your private community space with your class (value $1997/yr)

  • 1 yr access to Core Community Playground (value $564)

That’s a $38,642 value, yours today for only…


payment of



payments as low as


Join today with our 7-day money-back guarantee

You’ll leave the Core Potential training able to pursue your personal and professional goals with a renewed sense of ease and grace instead of force and control.

When you join today, you’re protected under our satisfaction guarantee. If you decide Core Potential isn’t the right fit for you, simply reach out to our team at anytime within one week of signing up and we’ll refund you in full.

Meet Sam and Christie

Sam Kovalyov

Co-Founder Haven Holistics

When I first became a coach over ten years ago, I knew one thing:

I wanted to have a big impact on the world by helping others and contributing to causes close to my heart.

But I had no idea how to turn my calling into a sustainable coaching business.

So I did what everyone told me to do. I dove head-first into serving others, overextended myself, and ended up experiencing full burnout pretty quickly.

At one point, I enrolled a dozen high ticket clients thinking the more I clients I had, the more successful I’d be.

But I ended up refunding half of those clients because I’d taken on more than I could handle.

I was running at 100mph and nothing about my business felt sustainable…

Until I turned inward to find peace and restore balance.

Then everything changed in my business. I was able to serve my clients as a high performing coach without feeling stressed.

I was able to find financial freedom and time freedom without suffering from exhaustion.

And, most importantly, I felt rooted in my purpose and that had a direct impact on my day to day life, my relationships, and my work-life harmony.

I can’t wait to walk you through our signature process for finding sustainable, long-lasting inner balance so you can serve from a place of true abundance and step into your fullest potential.

Before I discovered holistic wellness and coaching, I was working 100-hour weeks in the corporate world.

My background and experience in business development trained me to always be thinking, “I have to be doing more.”

Pouring from an empty cup was my normal and I was wearing all the hats, all the time.

Which meant I wasn’t taking care of my body and I was relying on medication and unhealthy work habits to keep up with the demands of my job.

It wasn’t until I became a forever student of holistic wellness that my life and work started to feel aligned and renewed.

Since then, I’ve unsubscribed from toxic hustle culture and found an inner harmony that lets me show up in the world in a way that’s incredibly meaningful to me.

Inside Core Potential, coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs will discover the exact framework I’ve used, along with dozens of our clients, to create long-lasting inner harmony and sustainable whole-life wellness.

Christie Armstrong

Co-Founder Haven Holistics

Why Core Potential?

This is the place where you’ll become the coach you were always meant to be

We’re here to lift you up, so you can lift up others.

You seek balance in all aspects of life—not just financial success but also mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

At Haven Holistics, we believe in a more personal, heart-centered approach to give you everything you need to step into your highest, most impactful self.

We focus on heart-driven leadership and compassionate business practices in alignment with our core values: integrity, authenticity, service to others, sustainability, unity, peace, and empowerment.

We believe in transforming lives without sacrificing your health.

You know you’re meant for more… but you can’t keep going the way you have been.

While you know you need support, you also know that ‘business coaching’ is simply not enough. You’re unique, and far too dynamic a being for the one-sided approaches you’ve seen from other programs.

This program focuses on providing

a highly personalized experience

. At its center, Core Potential is about balancing your health and well-being with sustainable high performance..

This is not a one-size-fits-all program.

While you’re performing at max capacity, our program is built to fit into your busy life so you can engage with the material on your own terms.

It’s intentionally polished to give you a holistic experience

with high-quality, comprehensive resources and support. We embrace innovation and combine cutting-edge techniques that incorporate the latest research and ancient wisdom in holistic health and performance.

You are our #1 priority.

The world needs more heart-centered and impact-driven coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs. That’s why we serve you.

More than anything, we want you to know that we are here to support you.

Inside Core Potential you’ll never feel like you’re navigating your inner well being or your big vision alone.

We’re determined to help you achieve your highest potential so you can send a uniquely you-shaped ripple of change through the world.

Let’s take a peek into your future, shall we?

Month 1

Experience Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Renewal

It’s been just four weeks after joining Core Potential, and your body feels rejuvenated. You’ve practiced using the Haven Method to attune to your body’s needs and create brand-new routines to maximize your health and eliminate stress.

You’ve discovered unique parts of your identity that you weren’t aware of before. You’re noticing shifts in your mindset, moving into a more abundant frame and leaving scarcity behind. Your big vision is becoming more clear, and more crystalized and your daily wellness is no longer a struggle.

Month 3

Achieve Holistic Inner Harmony

Three months in, and your transformation is already profound. You’ve overcome long-standing fears that were holding you back. You have a newfound confidence that can be found in your work, your play, and your relationships.

You’re finding new techniques and approaches to find balance in your life, and you’re developing a holistic approach to your own well-being.

Your Core Community is there to celebrate you every step of the way. You feel a deep sense of love and connection to your cohort, and you know you have support whenever you need it.

Month 6

Step into Your Big Vision Breakthrough

After experiencing deep, meaningful growth, you’re more rooted in your purpose than ever before. 

You’ve welcomed balance into all areas of your life. You find flow and ease in your work. You can perform at a high level without suffering from burnout. You understand yourself, your clients, and your business as the dynamic beings they are. 

You tap into your core potential, and you’re determined to share what you’ve learned with others. You become the leader you always envisioned you’d be.

I just wish I would have enrolled sooner! The trainings woke me up and I am forever grateful.

"I awoke to what truly matters to me in my life and that is human relationships.

I’ve created connections with friends and family that I have never before experienced, especially with my mother, father, and brother.

The trainings also roused in me a sense of personal strength I had previously only dreamed about. I have taken a stand in my career and interpersonal relationships that I am the source of what I want to create!


I have participated in transformational programs for over 18 years and this training has been one of the most profound experiences 

“The experiential learning and exercises enabled me to not only observe myself but allowed for a fundamental shift in being at the cellular level to occur when I connected my thoughts and beliefs to my feeling and emotions and allowed myself to experience everything.

My LA move was a big step in a new direction and along the way I became fearful, and mistrusting. 

Through the trainings, I’ve reclaimed that confident, powerful woman and have discovered other sides of myself as well. I now have a blank canvas in which to create my life and I have gotten clarity and focused on the vision for my life. I am experiencing joy and a sense of peace, worrying less and am willing to stretch myself into new opportunities and adventures.”

—Nina O.

This opened up for me a whole new way of being around money, career, and abundance.

“I am very grateful for the Haven Holistics trainings! They opened up for me a whole new way of being around money, career and abundance. I reconnected to my own source power to create anything I want with ease and joy. This amazing team is a great source of wisdom, inspiration and support! 

I highly recommend this trainings to anyone who are on their path to live life of fulfillment, ecstasy and total bliss. THANK YOU, I love you!!!”

Baruch I.

This is at the very top of the most impacting experiences I’ve ever had. 

“To me, these trainings have been EVERYTHING I have been waiting for! I have found immense value in these courses and I will be sharing this with everyone I know, love, and care about deeply. 

Choosing to be a part of these trainings has been the most important decision I have made in my life up to this point.

I am so very grateful, and I will use this knowledge and understanding forever.”

Angela H.

My personal training business has grown by 25%

“Haven Holistics has opened many doors in my life that I didn’t even know were there. 

Since starting in late March, my personal training business has grown by 25%, I’ve developed better communication and listening skills to heal my relationships with both of my parents (who, mind you, require VERY different means of communication to create understanding), entered and placed in a very competitive Physique competition, and found the openness and vulnerability within myself to have a committed relationship with a woman I normally would have never approached.

The training doesn’t fix anything in your life, but it gives you the tools to go under your own hood and figure out what is working and what isn’t. To all the staff, coaches, and senior leadership, thank you.”


I have created new levels of confidence and courage that I have never experienced before.

"Through this training, I have created new levels of confidence and courage that I have never experienced before. 

I came into this wanting to know what’s next for me, what is possible for me, and how to achieve the goals that I set for myself. 

I am constantly creating excitement, joy, and passion in all areas of my life, my career at work, my relationships with friends, and family, and in my dating life!”

Robert C.

I’ve been able to access a part of me that I had lost

When I began the training I was very unhappy with my family relationships, felt like I had no control in my life, and was allowing other people’s opinions to overshadow mine. 

After completing the training, I got my self-confidence back and am now in control of my life. I have closer relationships with my mom and brother, I have intimate relationships with my friends and I have a deeper connection with my boyfriend, who is also in the training. 

I am currently [learning] that no matter what occurs in life, I am responsible and in control.”

Brittany M.

If everyone did this for their own benefit, society would greatly benefit also and we would live in a far better world.

“If you are looking for people who provide transformational training in an effective and psychologically responsible way, you have found the right place. 

As a psychologist I was impressed with the precautions they take, the limits they set, the rules they enforce, and the direction they provide. 

As a participant, I was impressed with the level and amount of available support that went beyond the paid workshops, in addition to the effectiveness of the workshop material and activities. 

I recommend this material to every human being on this planet. In fact, if everyone did this for their own benefit, society would greatly benefit also and we would live in a far better world.”


We’re always here to answer your questions

Is this program for me?

This program is a perfect fit for you if you are interested in pursuing a deeper, more holistic relationship with yourself. 

It’s designed to clear up the daily stress, friction, and resistance that’s showing up for you by restoring balance to your whole self.

I’ve taken other coaching training before. How is this different?

Core Potential goes beyond the mainstream, surface-level practices available in most programs, and walks you through how to eliminate stress and achieve long-lasting, sustainable inner harmony.

Most trainings focus solely on business strategies or teach narrow, isolated techniques that reduce stress for a few weeks at best.

With proven approaches, one-of-a-kind methodology, and cutting-edge diagnostic tools, you’ll create a custom-to-you blueprint for whole-self wellness. 

In other words, this is the only training you’ll ever need to align your inner self with your big, bold life vision.

What if I’m not a healer, coach, or entrepreneur?

That’s ok! While most of our clients are healers or coaches, this program is designed to connect you with your inner wisdom and inner healer, whether that’s healing others or simply healing yourself.

Is this program live or pre-recorded?

It’s both! Parts of the program are pre-recorded so you can watch them on your own time, while others are live experiences you’ll participate in with the whole cohort.

Will I get time with Sam and Christie?

Yes. Sam and Christie have exclusive office hours, weekdays and weekends, only for participants of the program. There are also weekly workshops hosted by Sam and Christie in the Core Community Playground.

How long is the program?

Core Potential is a 6 month program. You get one-year access to the Core Community Playground where you gain access to transformational workshops, live events, and the ability to engage and network with other community members while practicing and implementing the holistic process you learn through Core Potential.

Looking for additional support after Core Potential?

You’ll have the opportunity to join the Haven Launchpad to turn your business into a transformational coaching career. 

Are there any prerequisites or requirements?

Nope! The only thing we ask is that you are 100% committed to showing up. We also ask that you block out the time on your calendar to do the work and attend live virtual workshops since they’re a core component of the program and lead to deep inner work breakthroughs.

When are the live virtual events?

There are a total of 6 separate live, interactive workshops.

Please block your calendar ahead of time and get support for any day-to-day responsibilities to avoid any conflicts (e.g. work, kids, pets, meal-prep, etc.)

Dates for the live experiences are as follows:

Core Discovery: Jan 25-28{insert description, objective, and/or outcome of CD}

Core Breakthrough: Feb 1-4{insert description, objective, and/or outcome of CB}

Core Practice: Feb 16-18, April 5-7, and May 11-12{insert description, objective, and/or outcome of CP}

Note: If there is an unavoidable conflict or emergency, reach out and we’ll work with you to include you in a future live workshop, as we are able.

What happens next?

As soon as you join, a member of our team will be in touch to onboard you and ensure you have access to every component of Core Potential. 

You'll be added to the Core Community Playground space where our live trainings, transformational workshops, and holistic frameworks are available for you to practice and engage with alongside other members of the community.

I have another question!

We’d love to hear from you! Please email us your questions at {support email}.


Curious about becoming a certified holistic coach?

After you’ve completed Core Potential, we can help you become a Certified Holistic Coach to deeply impact your own coaching clients and loved ones. 

Note: The opportunity to receive coaching certification is only available to graduates of Core Potential

Let’s recap!

When you join Core Potential today, you’ll get:

Core Essentials (value $7,897)

The Haven Method to achieve inner balance for peak performance

  • The Haven Method to achieve inner balance for peak performance

  • Core Resilience Course (value $997)

  • Core Performance Course (value $997)

  • Access to all future courses!

Core Experience (value: $5,000)

Virtual and live group events

  • Core Discovery experience

  • Core Breakthrough experience

  • Core Practice experience

Core Community Playground (value $25,745)

1-year access

Virtual community

  • Regular Live Experiences (value $788/mo)

  • Library of lessons of holistic well-being, updated regularly (value $997/mo)

  • Engaging community discussions, polls, and giveaways (value $147/mo)

  • Lifetime access to your private community space with your class (value $1997/yr)

  • 1 yr access to Core Community Playground (value $564)

That’s a $38,642 value, yours today for only…


payment of



payments as low as


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